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California's premier septic & water treatment specialists

When it comes to comprehensive septic treatment and water treatment services in California, Superior On-Site Solutions is the name you can trust to get the job done. With our wide range of septic treatment products and services, our team of skilled septic treatment pros has what it takes to keep your system in top shape and functioning properly at all times. Are you looking for a professional California septic treatment company that can help with your septic and water treatment needs? If so, give us a call today and let us show you what separates us from the competition.

As the premier septic treatment pros serving the area, we provide local home and business owners alike with a wide range of high-quality products and services to fit all of their septic treatment needs. Whether you’re looking for septic repairs, maintenance, or even site evaluation, our team of skilled pros has you covered. If you have any questions about our services, call us today.

What they say about our products & services

Complete HOOT Septic & Water Treatment Systems

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Engineered Advanced Septic Treatment

Not sure where to start on your new septic treatment installation project? Start with a Septic Engineer or Septic Designer and test your site’s soil. By testing the soils on your site, it will determine what septic technology can be installed. We have relationships with septic engineers and septic designers that have the experience to provide a County Approved septic design.

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Builders and Developers

SOS provides all the tools a Builder, Developer, or Licensed Contractor needs to install the Hoot Septic Treatment System safely, easily, and most importantly, quickly. The complete Hoot installation averages only 2-3 days from start to finish.

Our support tools include installation guidelines, technical datasheets, tank drawings, and more.

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Residential Septic Treatment Systems

We’ve solved the most pressing septic issues facing California homeowners today, including small lots, poor soils, steep slopes, and high groundwater.

From simple residential septic treatment systems to larger communities and municipalities, Superior On-Site Solutions cares about you and your neighbor’s needs.

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Our latest success stories in septic

West Sacramento Septic Mound Replacement

Septic Tank Problem: Small lot sizes and high groundwater are just a few challenges of building a home by the Sacramento River in West Sacramento, California. But a Mound septic treatment system t […]

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Septic System Installation In Ophir, CA

Installing a septic system on a piece of flat land is easy. But when the house you’ve built is on solid rock, it can make things.... let’s just say...challenging. Ophir is located in Placer County, C […]

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Septic Treatment System Installation In Santa Cruz

Septic Tank Problem: Install a new septic treatment system where no other septic system has been able to fit. Septic Tank Solution: Install a new complete single tank Traffic Rated Hoot H600 BNR A […]

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If you are looking for the best when it comes to the septic system and water treatment systems please call us today at 877-669-4668, or complete our online request form.