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Hoot Septic Treatment Products

We introduced California to the Hoot Advanced Aerobic Septic Treatment System in 2005. At that time, we needed a septic system that not only fit our small lot but also complied with California's new septic laws. But why did we choose the Hoot? Unlike their competitors, Hoot products just don't meet standards, they set them. The Hoot ANR Septic Treatment System was the first system tested and certified by NSF to beat the EPA Drinking Water Standard of 10mg/L.

In addition to NSF Standard 40 and 245 Certification, Hoot has worked with Baylor University providing sewage and quality data analysis for more than 17 years. To date, Hoot has spent over half a million dollars with Baylor through its Department of Environmental Studies, Baylor Testing, and Certification Program and now its Wastewater Treatment Research Program.

In most cases, one Hoot tank is all you need for your septic installation. However, the tank size is based upon your septic design. The most popular Hoot product is the H-600 BNR Advanced Aerobic Septic Tank, which fits most residential home sites. Due to its complete "one tank" design, installation is easy. You only need to dig one hole instead of two or three like other septic treatment systems. Because of this, you save money and time on your septic tank installation. In addition to tank size, Hoot's aerobic septic technology is so robust we suggest using the effluent to assist in watering your landscape.

Bnr septic

Hoot BNR-Series Septic Treatment Systems

The Hoot BNR (Biological Nitrogen Reduction) Aerobic Treatment System is essentially a residential-sized municipal wastewater treatment plant that can fit in your backyard. By utilizing advanced aeration and time re-circulation, the patented Hoot Treatment System and its complete five-stage, activated-sludge aerobic septic tank effectively process and treat all the wastewater from your property.

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Anr septic

Hoot ANR-Series Septic Treatment Systems

Designed for the Most Sensitive Environments. The Hoot ANR (Advanced Nitrogen Reduction) is best suited for sites that have little or no organic content separation from the seasonal high-water table or groundwater. Due to this level of performance, you can expect the highest nitrogen reduction per dollar and ensure a healthy aquatic and drinking water environment. It's the only treatment system producing effluent that meets Federal Drinking Water Standards.

98% Reduction CBODs | 99% Reduction TSS | 85% Reduction Total Nitrogen Fecal <100 w/UV Disinfection

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Hoot Commercial & Municipal Wastewater Treatment Systems

Through our resources and partnerships with local precasters, we offer commercial and high strength wastewater treatment solutions for flows starting at 1,000 GPD going up to 1,000,000 GPD. Commercial applications range from small businesses such as convenience stores, fast food, sit-down restaurants, breweries, wineries, RV parks, and camps. To municipalities and neighborhoods.

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Traffic rated

Traffic Rated Septic Treatment Systems

Many homesites are considered un-buildable due to their small lot size or location. One option is to place your septic tank under your driveway. The Hoot Septic Treatment System can be designed and reinforced to provide a safe place for a driveway or just regular parking. By utilizing Hoot's "all in one" compact design and its solid concrete construction. Engineers can design a complete, County-approved site plan that allows cars and trucks to drive and/or park upon them.

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Recycle Your Wastewater

California has always been open to creative ways to protect our environment. However, protecting the watershed is also of vital importance. We suggest using the treated wastewater (effluent) from the Hoot Aerobic Septic Treatment System to assist in watering your landscaping on your property.

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Aerobic treatment tank

How The Hoot Aerobic Septic Treatment System Works

Use the effluent from the Hoot BNR Aerobic Septic Treatment System to help water your landscaping. How does an aerobic septic treatment tank create such high-quality effluent? The Hoot BNR Aerobic Septic Treatment System has four components: a pre-treatment tank, aeration chamber, a final clarifier, and a disinfection device.

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