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Mound Replacment Services

Septic Tank Problem:

Imagine your entire backyard taken up by a Septic Mound System. Now imagine the Mound system failing. Our homeowners didn’t have to imagine it, they had to live with it.

After settling in their dream home for just a few years the Mound system failed. Because of the failure, Yolo County Environmental Health deemed the site a health hazard and required immediate action.

Septic Tank Solution:

Yolo County Environmental Health required Complete remediation was required. In order to accomplish this, we scrapped the backyard to bedrock. This removed all the contaminated soil from the failed mound. Once collected, the soil was safely disposed of at a County-approved disposal site.

Once the site was prepared and approved by Yolo County Environmental Health, the Hoot BNR H600 Advanced Septic Treatment Tank was installed.

Our homeowners chose to install the Hoot Advance Septic Treatment system. In addition to the space-savings of the single tank design. The cost of installation made the Hoot less expensive than the competitors. And, it usually takes just a few days instead of a few weeks. The family saved construction time and money over other septic treatment technologies.

We also installed GeoFlow Wastewater Drip Tubing as the dispersal method. The tubing was installed just 8 inches below grade. As a result, the effluent from the Hoot Septic Treatment Tank is used to assist in watering the landscaping. Additional value to the homeowners’ property.

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