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West Sacramento Septic Mound Replacement

Septic Tank Problem:

Small lot sizes and high groundwater are just a few challenges of building a home by the Sacramento River in West Sacramento, California. But a Mound septic treatment system that takes up over half of your backyard is most likely not what you would want or expect.

But for many years, this young family had to live with the unsightly view of the engineered mound septic treatment system. The system, located in the center of their backyard, took up so much space that it made it impossible to enjoy their backyard with friends and family. Not only was the Mound System unsightly, but when the septic system failed, their entire backyard became a biohazard that now required immediate attention.

Knowing that the site could not accommodate a conventional system, they already had an approved advanced septic system design. They would not install another "Mound System" as their wastewater treatment system if they could avoid it.

The family had had enough of dealing with the negative effects of a Mound Septic System. This time, their wastewater treatment system would not take up their backyard. It had to be an engineered advanced septic system that could handle the site's seasonal water table fluctuations, reduce any additional maintenance or septic service requirements and increase the overall value of their home.

Septic Tank Solution:

The failed mound septic system contaminated the homeowner's soil, which required complete remediation of the site. Septic Engineer David Dauwalder completed a new septic treatment design for the homeowner. This time he utilized a new septic technology that had recently been approved by the Yolo County Environmental Health. Based on soil conditions, testing, and county requirements, the new septic design utilized the Hoot H600 BNR Septic Treatment Tank with Geoflow Subsurface drip tubing as its drain field.

Because our Hoot H600 is a complete one-septic tank design, he was able to regain the entire backyard for the family. One tank meant only one hole needed to be dug, which saved space, time, and money. In addition to the one septic tank design, the H600 provides a higher level of performance than a conventional septic tank system and other advanced septic systems approved in Yolo County.

The tank is separated into five different compartments within the tank chamber system. The first step in treatment is the Pre-Treatment compartment or trash tank. This is where the influent enters the treatment system. Besides providing storage for nonbiodegradable material it also aids in the anaerobic decomposition of the sewage. As the influent continues to enter, it flows into the next compartment where its aerobic environment creates a biological breakdown, known as aerobic digestion. Simply put, oxygen blown into the system is used to break down the influent. In addition, the movement of air through the chamber re-introduces the activated sludge on the bottom of the tank back into the system for additional biological processes. The final treatment happens in the Clarification chamber. This is where the organic matter settles while the clear effluent rises and moves to the pump chamber where additional treatment, such as UV light disinfection, occurs. As the effluent fills the pump tank chamber, it is sent to the chosen dispersal method gravity feed and pumped to the pressure distribution drain field or drip field. Hoot's ability to produce effluent that has a CBOD5 reduction of 98%, TSS reduction of 99%, and 99% Conversion of Ammonia (NH3) far exceeds conventional systems' effluent. Yes, Hoot Advanced Treatment is better than septic! So much so that we recommend using Geoflow subsurface drip tubing to assist in watering your yard and landscaping.

When all was said and done. A Hoot H600 single-tank advanced septic treatment system with drip tubing solved all their septic issues. It is an engineered advanced treatment tank that could handle the site's water table fluctuations, reduce any additional O&M maintenance or septic service requirements, and by using drip tubing to distribute the effluent from the system, increase the overall value of their home

It's a good feeling knowing that this family will be able to enjoy their home from the inside and outside for years to come.

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